Felt 550™ Under Vapor Barrier Protection

Felt 550™ Under Vapor Barrier Protection

Use- Protection for crawl space liners from sharp objects and to assist in soil gas mitigation under crawl space vapor barriers/liners. Now TWICE as THICK!
50″x 120’=500 Sq Ft

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Felt550™ Has Two Significant Uses In A Crawl Space

Puncture Strength

The Felt550™ is made from virgin Polypropylene and woven into an lightweight and extremely punture resistant material. There is no organic material used when making this product so it will naturally resist mold and mildew growth. In fact, the Felt550™ was designed and engineered to be in contact with water and the earth 100% of the time. Putting all of these features together makes it perfect to use under a crawl space liner or vapor barrier to protect it from sharp stones, rocks and othe debris.

Soil Gas Mitigation

Crawl spaces are harsh environments and with that comes considerations in air quality. One of the most serious is Radon Gas, because it is a killer. The Felt 550™ plays an important roll in Radon Gas Mitigation. The Felt 550™ creates an air gap between the vapor barrier and the soil, enhancing the results of the active Radon fan(s). Allowing the fans(s) to keep a negative pressure on all parts of the crawl space floor and eliminating any “pockets” that seep the gas into the space.
The Felt 550™ also plays a key part in mitigating other soil gasses that cause odor. As we continue to do research on the best ways to fix the problems with air quality, energy loss and moisture levels we discover new problems and their solution. One of those new problems is soil gas odor(other than Radon Gas). This problem is not everywhere and it has nothing to do with our vapor barriers causing the smell (other plastics have been found to contribute depending on their makeup and additives). Like with Radon Gas, the Felt 550™ enhances the results of the fan to mitigate the odor.


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Danny Moore
Danny Moore
12:15 08 Aug 19
We order from Layers Plastic weekly. We have been doing business with Layers plastic for many years now. Always best price, but most important, always best materials. Billie and Ben are the best. Thank you for everything.
Bob Ivins
Bob Ivins
21:18 06 Aug 19
Great products and friendly customer service. I highly recommend Layers Plastic.
Greg Reynolds
Greg Reynolds
15:50 06 Aug 19
I order tons of product from this company.. Billie always makes sure I am well taken care of. Ray Brophy always did as well. I have every intention of using Layers Plastic for a very long time. Their pricing on dehumidifiers is outstanding as well.
Joe Janda
Joe Janda
15:05 06 Aug 19
Billie is our favorite! Always there to answer any questions whenever needed and any problems that arise she is quick to resolve. Great customer service!
Danny Mitchell
Danny Mitchell
01:32 02 Jul 19
The best products at good prices. The staff is very friendly and professional. We are looking forward to a long partnership.
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